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Before ordering, please ensure that your required domain name is available for registration.


Always check domain name availability before adding it to your HELM control panel.
HELM does not perform a live look-up so the domain will still be added even if not available.
Please note: even if a domain is not listed with the Registry, we can not guarantee that it can be registered for you.


Enter domain (no www or http://) to lookup ">
<% If Request.QueryString("lookup") <> "" Then Dim whoisdll Dim result Set whoisdll = Server.CreateObject("WhoisDLL.dll") result = whoisdll.whois(Request.QueryString("lookup")) Response.Write "Whois server: " & whoisdll.WhoisServer & "
" Response.Write whoisdll.nl2br(result) End If %>

Please Note: Some TLD's do have restrictions regarding registration.


  • One or Two letter names are not allowed
  • Unlimited companies Registered under the Companies Act, unincorporated bodies, partnerships and bodies incorporated under other legislation are not eligible.
  • Company registration number must be supplied
  • Domain name requested must be an exact match of Company name.
  • for more information click here>

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Check to see if your preferred domain name is still available.

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