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Web Based File Manager
Advanced and Mini-Reseller accounts now have a Web based File Manager add to the HELM Control Panel. This enables users to create/delete/move folders/files and also edit files via a browser. Below is an overview of the many features offered by the new browser bases WYSIWYG HTML editor that is built into the File Manager:

Context Menus
Includes right-click context menu support for the most common editing tasks.

Text Formatting
Comes with all standard text controls including bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript. Dynamic menus allow users to maintain the font face, color, size and style.

Paragraph Formatting
Maintain proper paragraph formatting with indent, outdent and text justification controls.

List Formatting
Both unordered bulleted lists and numbered list controls are avaliable.

Hyperlinks can be added, edited and removed anywhere within the content of the editor.

Anchors can be added, edited and removed anywhere within the content of the editor. When creating hyperlinks all anchors present in the content will dynamically show up in the hyperlink window.

Table Formatting
Flexible editing capabilities for html tables is included. Tables can be inserted and modified by adding, deleting or formatting table cells, rows or columns.

Images can be added, edited and deleted using the image control. The ability to preview images on the fly before inserting is also supported.

HTML Source Editing
Users can view the source and directly edit the underlying html code.

Word Count
A real time word count is displayed to users. This is very useful if the amount of text must be limited.

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