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Customer Support Department:

All support is via our online Support Website at

Here you will find a comprehensive Knowledgebase which contains the answers to all the most commonly ask questions.

If you can not find an answer then you can open a Help Desk ticket which will be answered by one of the Support Team as quickly as possible (generally within a few hours). You can also email your support question directly to the Help Desk at [email protected] (please include your account number, domain name and full details).

You can still always contact the support team directly at [email protected]
The Support Team will generally respond within 8-12 hours.

Problems Connecting to your Domain:

If you are having problems connecting to your domain hosted with us (either by Browser, FTP or Mail), please check your site from the following website before contacting the support team. (checks DNS servers, http server and Mail servers)

Network Status Page:
Network Status History page, this page is automatically updated by the Data Centre and lists all network issues for the past 12 months. Please note these are network issues and not server issues.

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